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(Dammit, kid, cooperate or I'll go after one of your less fluffy prumpts instead.)

Sakuya's snitfits usually manifest as angry babble based on status, expectations, and reputation. If that conversational approach is eliminated, I don't know what's left for him to say. When he's really in emotional crisis, he goes wordless and holes up somewhere alone

He's terrified to express what he really wants because of the two most memorable occasions in his childhood when he tried it-- when he tried to play with other children, his father gave him the snooty status lecture, implying that if Sakuya associated with those vermin, Sakuya would also be tainted by osmosis and become unworthy of the Le Bel name/respect and of his father's love; when Sakuya seemed to be too interested in music, M. Le Bel destroyed the boy's entire collection of musical instruments.

(Though they still have a piano at home, I think-- unless he really was doing all of his practicing at school.)

So he's afraid that if he expresses what he wants, it and he are going to be coldly and systematically mocked, crushed, and destroyed.

Which in a way reinforces his constant status-checking at other students-- if they're low vermin, then their opinions of him don't matter. He can't do that do his father, so he has to do that to everyone else.

(Headcanon tendril-- he's desperate for his father's love because he's afraid that his mother doesn't love him and prefers Yuuya. His mother can't forget the destruction of her second egg, and and some point she probably sent Yuuya back to Japan to live with the Sakazaki family. It's possible that since Sakuya's birth, Mme. Shirogane has left M. Le Bel or died; Sakuya mentions multiple siblings, all of lower status-- this may possibly include full-blooded sisters, but not necessarily. It seems unlikely that M. Le Bel would have a mistress, unless he's really deeply hypocritical-- remarriage and more half-sibs? Or was M. Le Bel also a widower?)

Despite growing up in France, Sakuya seems to sprinkle less French into his conversation than Yuuya, who paradoxically has more fluency in Japanese to sprinkle it into. A lot of Sakuya's apparent rudeness, aside from status issues, is probably a poor grasp of when to use -masu respect verbs etc. Yuuya probably had his own outsider issues when he came to Japan, and deliberately uses French as a way of underlining and emphasizing them instead of trying to blend in.
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