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1.) Now that I've finally worked out how to set up and pin a stable crown braid hairstyle, it's amazingly fast, easy, and comfortable. It keeps most of the weight balanced right on top of my head, it doesn't pull at my scalp, and it'll stay in place with just one small barrette/hairpin thingie all day. It even improves my eternally slouchy posture a bit.

The tricky parts were figuring out how to get the tension right when adding in new strands, and carefully resmoothing each section in the hand after each new addition. Still, at this point usually I can manage most of it within a few minutes of waking up, though at the end I still have to go to a mirror to wrap and pin it into place.

2.) Aloe vera gel makes a pretty good hair product. One lingering problem I've been having with the crown braid (or any braid, really) is that throughout the day, loose strands keep squirming out and looking ratty. A nice glob of aloe vera gel, smoothed over the surface like hair mousse, seems to take care of that reasonably well without any lingering scent or plasticky feel. I had a bottle of it sitting around uselessly anyway, so I figured I might as well try it to see if it works-- turns out it does. Yay.


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