Feb. 27th, 2012

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Some thoughts on HatoFic:

1.) Sakuya is weirdly difficult for me to pin down, at least into the mood I'm trying to get him into. He's very high-strung and skittish, with a brittle arrogance that can quickly flare from ice-queen snobbery into rank-pulling snitfits. Under physical strain, he goes into wild-eyed panic mode. He's bossy and rude and I have no idea why I have this weird affection for him. The only things that bring his vulnerability near the surface are music and exhaustion, and even then he has that brittle self-protective facade. Firm confrontation can win his respect, as long as it's resolved calmly.

2.) I'm basically pigeonholing (haha) Yuuya as a calmer, saner Enishi. Whatever that means is left of Enishi after that filtering process. He is fun. It's nice to reconfirm that he survives Sakuya's extended ending.

3.) I adore Nanaki as a character, but I can't seem to envision writing him at all. I can't get much of a grip at all on Nageki. I like Anghel, but I'm just feeling automatic warning bells about trying to get anywhere near his madness place.

4.) Ryouta is sweet, but a bit bland. "Yasashii boy," the wombat-consort usually calls this type. He's just kinda there.

5.) Apparently I can project Dr. Iwamine's mindset with disturbing efficacy. I don't really get the squeeing directed *at* him... it's more of a sense that it would be unfortunately fun to *be* him.

6.) If birdified, Miles Edgeworth would totally be a fantail pigeon. I suppose Phoenix Wright would make a good blue jay. Now that I've refilled the birdfeeder out on the deck, bluejays have been objecting all over the place all day.


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