Feb. 17th, 2012

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After reading some hilarious playthroughs, I decided to buy the English-patched version of the game, and I am getting very frustrated with the setup.

Hurdle #1: defusing my brower's flashblockers to allow download.

Hurdle #2: making sure I had all the auxiliary programs needed to play it.

Hurdle #3: looking up the proper file-permissions tweakage necessary for Mac OSX.

So now I've been able to get the game started, but the text display looks weird. There may be some option within the game to adjust the fonts and sizes, but it doesn't look like there's any kerning... and all of the command menus within the game are still in Japanese.

There are definitely options for tweaking the text speed and setting the text to auto-advance. (O--TO proves to be "auto-(advance)", not "sound"). At least I think I found the options for adjusting the music volume. There's also one to temporarily zap the text box and admire the artwork.

So far, I've quit and restarted about three times because I buggered the text speed and started fast-forwarding through the game, which is probably useful for the opening sections on replay but not on initial playthrough. Also, the save menu options are also in Japanese.

Why haven't I ever finished memorizing katakana why oh why D:


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