Feb. 16th, 2012

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It's been ages since I've read these books, but I've started to wade back through the series what with the Ghibli Arrietty movie about to come out in the US. For that matter, there seem to be more "Borrowers" books than I remember; it's possible that my hometown library system didn't have them all or I just wasn't able to locate them at the time.

Finished the first book this morning; have all of the others checked out except for book #2, which I'm planning to pick up from another library branch tomorrow.

Something that I hadn't really thought about in my childhood was exactly what happened to Aunt May's brother. I think I'd vaguely assumed that he was killed in the Great War, but this time, I thought, "Wait a moment-- from the British perspective, did the Great War really have a 'North-West Frontier'?" Turns out the "North-West Frontier" was a province of the British Raj in what is now Pakistan; its administrative capital was the city of Peshawar.

Also, there's a mention that Aunt May and all of her siblings had been bilingual in their childhood, growing up in the Raj and nearly illiterate in English (though conversationally fluent)-- I wonder what their other language was?


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