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Well, perhaps not all that random-- specifically, I've become fascinated by looking up different translations of the Costa Concordia transcript line, "Vada a bordo, cazzo!"

Language Log points out that one aspect lost in English translation is that De Falco is using the formal "you" pronoun/verbs throughout the conversation.

The reputably-sourced translations of "cazzo" in this context mostly seem idiomatic rather than literal-- emotional/rhetorical emphasis, rather than a personally-directed insult. There are some exceptions, though.

English versions from various news media are mostly sentence-final words/phrases: "Get back on board, dammit!"; "...for God's sake!"; "...for fuck's sake!".

Japanese: 船に戻れ、畜生 (chikusho) or "船に戻れ、ばか野郎" (baka yarou)

German: "Gehen Sie verdammt noch mal an Bord!"; "Gehen Sie an Bord, verflucht nochmal!"

Dutch: "Ga aan boord verdomme!" or "Ga aan boord, klootzak!"

French: "Bon sang, retournez à bord !" (Paris); "Allez à bord, bordel de merde!" (Quebec).

Brazilian Portuguese: "Volte a bordo, porra!!" (from online headlines; no link) or “Volte a bordo, caralho!”

European Spanish: "¡Suba a bordo, coño!"

Russian: "Идите на борт, черт побери!"

Ukrainian: "Быстро вернулся на борт, бл...ть!"

Hebrew: "חזור לסיפון זין!"

(I can barely limp through Cyrillic script one letter at a time and can't read Hebrew at all, so I have no real idea what those say.)

If anyone wants to contribute more, I'd love to see them.
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According to this Metafilter thread, feminine cries of "駄目!" (da-me, two syllables) and "iya!" are actually *positive* sexual feedback. Perhaps the idiomatic context is something like "I can't stop myself" or "I am overwhelmed by your l33t 5kilz" or such?
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The circle name for this doujinshi appears to be "Raspberry & Blueberry", nicknamed "RasBlue"-- apparently a secondary alias for the (now-retired) IY fan artist Sakuban.

Usual warnings: I have no real idea what I'm doing except for juggling a lot of reference books/websites; there is a reasonable chance that any part of my results may be completely wrong. Unless you are Urd-chan, do not turn these into English-language scanslations or I will be cross. Grrr.

Vague format key )

Page numbers taken from filenames in Urd-chan's scan set.

There really is a sharp division in the speech level used by IY himself and, well, almost everyone else. He uses a lot of slangy contractions and is generally rude.

textual carnage )

*splat* Have limped and spackled my way to the end in typically pathetic form-- the result mostly makes sense, but in a lot of places I have no idea whether it has any real relation to the original text :b

Possible continuity conflict-- in this doujinshi, the main plot is marked as 2011, with Kagome age 21; the epilogue photos are dated from 2005-2010. However, Takahashi canonically places the start of the IY manga in 1997 when Kagome is ~15 years old. (The 1997 date is captioned into the manga; it's not just contextual from IY beginning publication in 1996.)Read more... )
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Text dump from the Wayback Machine's cache of the now-departed Oop Ack page (http://www.oop-ack.com/manga/soundfx.html); slightly reformatted:Read more... )
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Skipping the straight transcription layer in this post; this time I did the initial transcription by hand onto paper, and don't feel like retyping all of the kanji/kana. Might come back later and fill it in; then again, might not.

Usual disclaimers blah blah blah; check longer translations for more info. Current progress: only the transliteration layer is posted so far; I've got the glosses on paper, but haven't typed them in yet.

Zodiac block, p. 14: Read more... )

Fashion ad, p. 26:Read more... )
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Transcription splatdown from page 41; [P1] etc. indicate paragraphs. Subsequent layers underway: transliteration, raw gloss, and rather haphazardly smoothed-out translation text (distributed more by clause length than strict syntactical correspondence).

Usual disclaimers: I have no real idea what I'm doing except juggling a lot of reference books/sites. For a format key, check one of my long translations.Read more... )


Mar. 8th, 2009 12:13 am
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Found some romaji transcriptions of the Japanese lyrics for "Les Miserables". As a semi-random cut'n'paste, here's "On My Own", plus a YouTube music ref (the video is mostly a stillshot of this performer, bracketed by brief clips of her in "Sera Myu"):Read more... )
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I started on this doujinshi last year when I got a paper copy, but then slacked off; since scans are now available, I figured I might as well finish up.

The title seems to be a pun: it's a pair of kanji in which the first one means "linger, remain behind" etc., and the second one is the same as Kaoru's name (but obviously using a different pronunciation in this context.)

Kaoru's name literally means "fragrance"; there are a number of other kanji with the same meaning which can also be used to write a personal name with the pronunciation "Kaoru". One of these others, in conjunction with the title's first kanji, is part of the standard two-kanji compound ikou: the traces of personal scent left behind by prolonged contact, esp. on clothing or bedstuff, and this concept certainly plays a role in setting up the story.

So far, I can't think of any way to translate the title that directly preserves both aspects, i.e. the abstract concept of fragrance as well as a direct personal reference to Kaoru. "Scent of a Woman", maybe?Read more... )
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It's here! The seller gave it one of the most thorough packing jobs I've ever seen; instead of just inserting a cardboard backing (which is usually enough), (s)he sandwiched the doujin between two pieces of styrofoam.

ZKG is split into three shorter (unrelated?) stories; the middle one is Akira/Tomoe and the other two are Kenshin/Kaoru. Saitou and Enishi make brief nonsexual cameos; I don't recognize any of Kaoru's schoolmates, but it's possible they're shoutouts to other serieses (there's an omake sketch of Tomoe clutching something labeled "Death Note", and Yamaguchirow has done at least one DN doujin as well as several for "Busou Renkin", which I haven't seen at all). Kiyosato Akira's personal name is written with noncanon kanji in the A/T story (明良 instead of 彰), although his family name remains the same (清里).

Not sure when I'll be able to actually start on this; currently trying to catch up on eBay backlog.
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The little Miroku/Sango one-panel gag page at the front. Read more... )
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Found a better set of scans for the original "Hama". I have to go out of town ~8/6-15, so hopefully I'll be able to finish this before then.

Progress: done, albeit as a sad patchwork of wild guesses :( Read more... )
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This story takes up most of the doujinshi "Saikai", printed in 2000; there are various short minicomics and other extras scattered around it, but I don't have any plans for those so far. According to the teeny page numbers nearly buried in the spine, "Still More" runs from pages 10-36.

Current progress: done(ish).

(Hmm. Weirdly, I seem to've shifted over to finding hi-res scans *easier* to work with than paper copies, esp. for tracking the aforementioned "refinements"... downloaded a scan set of "Saikai", but for really teeny blobs of kanji, the paper copy is the only way to go, and I really do need the handwriting practice.)

Meanwhile, I've found a scan set for the original "Hama" (Yamaguchirow's first IY/Kagome doujin), but most of the pages are only ~50kb and I may not be able to read them (esp. the handwritten bits). Read more... )
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Found a fairly good set of scans for "Hama 2"; a preliminary lookthrough definitely makes me wish wot-club's original IY transcriptions/translations were still online-- the immediately obvious colloquialisms (Kagome calling IY "anta"; IY using the very brusque/crude verb "yaru" and converting words that end in "-ai" to "-ee", e.g. dekinai -> dekinee, urusai -> ussee) are at least stuff that I've seen before, but it would've been really nice to have direct, literal access to their canon syntax. (The Wayback Machine does have wot-club archived, but I don't think the internal documents are searchable anymore.) Read more... )
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(Yeah, I know, I still haven't gone back to patch up "Ikun", or for that matter several other translation projects that've been left hanging. I have bad followthrough :b )

Finally got to move my computer back upstairs near my reference books. Not sure how well I'll be able to handle this doujinshi, since I only have scans. Also, despite this circle's lovely canonesque artwork, I have to say up front that I'm not very enthusiastic about this project, based on a preliminary flipthrough revealing an unfortunate trope (generally absent from Yamaguchirow) of borderline rape as Kaoru gasps out "It hurts!" during the height of the proceedings. I really, really hate that.

(Addendum: Hm. It may be another defloration story, which mitigates that a bit. But it still bothers me.)

('Nother addendum: Okay, on even closer examination, he is being very careful to keep checking if she's really okay with everything. Very tender dialogue, though (imho) the artwork isn't quite as expressive as Yamaguchirow's wide range of facial expressions from abject slapstick to sweaty passion.)

Does anyone know if the background scenes near the start are taken straight from Watsuki? The original scans were downloaded from here, should interested parties need them.

progress:essentially done; still mopping up some of the background/extras )
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Or something... it looks like the "Do-Re-Mi" song was translated into Japanese as a standalone, not as part of the entire libretto of "The Sound of Music".

Meanwhile, the Officer Krupke song from "West Side Story", also in Japanese... dammit, I wish there was a written set of lyrics attached to that. There seem to be assorted other clips on YouTube from the same production.

And there seems to be a huge number of Japanese cast albums for "Les Miz", each one with its own color-code; the red one has Kaga Takeshi as Valjean, but the purple has Sakamoto Maaya (don't know what role).


Jan. 10th, 2008 01:15 pm
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Attempting to cobble back together the declension poem from Punch's Comic Latin Grammar, which Martin Gardner suggests as a possible source for Alice's vaguely remembered noun paradigm in Wonderland (although "mouse" is actually the third-declension mus, muris; first-declension musa, musae is "muse". Sundry scraps of the poem are scattered around Google, esp. in previews of an otherwise inaccessible JSTOR paper.

Musa, musae,
The gods were at tea,
Musae, musam,
Eating raspberry jam,
Musa, musa,
Made by Cupid's mama.

Musae, musarum,
Thou Diva dearum.
Musis, musas,
Said Jove to his lass,
Musae, musis,
Can ambrosia beat this?

...Well jeez, my own memory of Latin has certainly gone down the drain. Oh well.

By comparison, Alice's litany in chapter 2: "A mouse, of a mouse, to a mouse, a mouse, O mouse!": note the capitalized article in the nominative "A mouse" vs. the uncapped accusative "a mouse", the "Church Latin" pronunciation of -ae, and the lack of the ablative case (~"by/for/from a mouse"; I'm not sure how Victorian grammars usually glossed the form).
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Evidently this is the RK from the latest Comiket last month; not much info about it yet except for the pix I've seen in eBay/Yahoo auction listings. Title: 遺薫 , translated by Babelfish as "Leaving behind Kaoru" (eek!)Read more... )
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Yargh. I was so befuddled by some of the editing slip-ups in Tokyopop's release of FB's "Fan Book Cat" (as they decided to call it) that I've ended up hunting down a copy of the original Japanese version to figure out what the hell went wrong in there. Not that I'm actually blaming any specific department at Tokyopop for the errors, because hey, tight production deadlines and perverse gadget mishaps can wreak havoc on the best of intentions, but nevertheless, the final product is rather muddled in various portions.

overall comments )

The glitch that really made me hunt down the Japanese fanbook was one of the one-page extras at the end (p 185 Tokyopop), where the header is something like "W     c = c    c" (allowing for not being able to count the exact number of spacers on the page); it's the one where Ayame is lamenting to Shigure about Hatori's nonparticipation in the drama CD, and proactively offering a solution.

muddling through )

Semiliterally, I think this works out something like "No gap can remain in place between a silent person and a loudmouth", or more loosely/colloquially, perhaps "Caught between a rock and a loud place". Which makes sense within that context, but I still can't figure out what the hell must've happened over in Tokyopop's layout process.

Later addendum (because I'm stubbornly refusing to use the ETA acronym): doh-- either I hadn't realized that [livejournal.com profile] kagedreams had already done her own (and inevitably superior) translations of this part of the fanbook, or I'd seen them before and then they fell out the back of my brain cell. Her version of this title is "Reticence + No Opportunity to Speak", which suggests a double-whammy factor in Hatori's silence rather than a reference to Shigure being stuck in the middle of Ayame's "conversation" with Hatori.
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Some years ago, after being introduced to The Vision of Escaflowne, I went poking around the web for fanstuff. One particularly good set of sites covered several characters with cogent analysis, pretty pictures, and well-written fic (including a link that led me to [livejournal.com profile] trickofthedark's work), but eventually vanished.

Well, I finally found it again, here. Her gallery for Allan Schezar includes two four-panel mini-doujinshi; she mentioned that she didn't know what they were saying, which has tempted me to poke at them (and at the same time practice correcting my pen grip.

The basic format is the same as in my Yamaguchirow translations.

first one )

second one )
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Progress: done! *floop*

This time, I've slid back toward clunkier but somewhat more literal translations, on the theory that it's easy enough to mentally compress it to a more conversational idiom, but more difficult to run the process backwards from a streamlined version to get a better sense of the original.Read more... )


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