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Jul. 26th, 2007 07:09 pm
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...so the reward for not fearing death, or indeed for volunteering to be killed, is that you live longer than if you didn't? That's rather perverse, really.

I have a vague image of someone bitterly trying to commit suicide and yet getting bounced back to life over and over again, while everyone around them who wants to live ends up getting picked off until the would-be suicide is the last one left.

(And yes, I am in perfectly good spirits, other than being mildly irritated by the irony of this particular theme.)


Jul. 21st, 2007 07:38 pm
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First impressions, despoilerized. Read more... )
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Gosh, they're pretty.

(Semi-tangential addendum: OH GOD THE CRACKFIC)
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Apropos of nothing in particular-- well, maybe reminded by commentary on the new HP:OotP trailer-- until the HP movies started to come out, I had a vague but persistent notion that all of the references to Hermione's troublesome hair meant that she had partial African ancestry. (She would've been in good company with the British royal family.)
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Idly paging through some of CC's Draco Trilogy again-- the last story, "Draco Veritas", which come to think of it doesn't seem quite right in Latin: "Dragon Truth", not "True Dragon" which would be (flips through Cassell) "Draco Verax"? But anyway, on the same grammatical template, although Cassell suggests the deponent verb furor, furari for "steal/plagiarize", I'm going to give up trying to remember how deponent participles work and just go with the related noun furtum for "theft/robbery".

Refs are to pagination in the extant PDFs. Actually not that much stuff this time; by the time I'd skimmed up to p.500 of DV, I couldn't stand the sheer tedium anymore.

Further addendum: have been occasionally adding bits and pieces from DS; some are exact matches, other are vaguer overlaps of thematic keywords.Read more... )
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Still playing with HTML columns/colors because they're fun. This is largely based on bad_penny's original comparison between DS14 and Tanith Lee's story "A Lynx With Lions". The latter has been reprinted several times in its own right, but afaik its first appearance was as pp132-161 in Lee's book Cyrion, NYC: Daw 1982, so I'm using the pagination from there.

Mostly what I've done is color-code the different sections and type in enough additional material from Lee to show how the original scene flowed together before being recycled, aside from the underlying plot device. Some of the overlaps are relatively piecemeal but still describe the same specific action with many of the same specific words. I can't decide whether it's overly persnickety to mark all of the individual small bits of shared vocabulary, vs. the entire lines that frame them.Read more... )
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Because this has been bugging me since I saw this particular set of examples on bad_penny, I've slightly reformatted them to clarify the various bits and pieces borrowed from Pamela Dean. (Addendum: I also found another plagiarized line that hadn't been in bad_penny's original report.)Read more... )


Aug. 16th, 2006 09:15 pm
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Well, now that DS14 (and probably the rest of the Trilogy) has vanished from Schnoogle as well as Google caches, I can finally stop semi-compulsively trying to track down bits of Tanith Lee in that chapter. (There may well've been more Tanith elsewhere. One chapter was quite enough to work on.)

Pretty good timing, actually-- Kyouken 5.1 just arrived yesterday, so hopefully I can start on the raw transcription within the next few days. Maybe. We'll see. (Vexed muttering that Kyouken 5.2 was out of stock... guess I'll have to find another source and re-order.)
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These overlaps are much vaguer than most of the stuff in my long post about "Prince on a White Horse"; I probably would consider them to be valid Easter-eggish homages rather than plagiarism. They may've already been pointed out elsewhere, so I suppose my only real reason to list them is a sense of conceptual tidiness.Read more... )
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Endnote from DS6: "5) Lycanthe [sic]: The concept comes from Tanith Lee's Lycanthia, in which Lycanthes are symbols scratched in snow to keep werewolves away. I have retained the crossed-X shape."

More bibliographical info: Lycanthia, or The Children of Wolves, NYC: Daw, 1981. Read more... )
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Chapter 14 of Cassandra Claire's HP opus "Draco Sinister" has the brief endnote, "Oggrings and skolks are from Tanith Lee's White Horse, Black Castle [sic]."

Tanith Lee is one of my favorite authors, but although she's incredibly talented and prolific, her books go out of print quickly; most of my collection is made up of used paperbacks from secondhand bookstores and eBay. They're difficult to find, and I don't have all of them. While I'm not in the flaming-pitchfork crowd wrt CC, I do like to encourage other people to read TL's books, even if that ends up adding to my competition in bidding wars, and I rather wish that CC had noted more specific textual overlaps beyond merely borrowing isolated words/names or general concepts.Read more... )
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I'm having one of my periodic eyerolls at some of the stuff at the Harry Potter Lexicon. Their contributors often display a great deal of hard work and creative thinking, but sometimes they don't get the proportions right. One particular bit that's lodged under my skin for ages is the persistence of their claim that Ginny Weasley's full first name (Ginevra) is an Italianate version of "Guinevere". It isn't. This isn't to say that JK Rowling might have thought it was-- I have no idea whether they've asked her, though they may well have the access to've done so-- but even if she did, it still isn't. Or at least Hanks and Hodges don't think so, instead describing it as the Italian form of "Genevieve" (namesake examplar, the patron saint of Paris, a nun who rallied her fellow Franks to resist the invading Huns; speculatively traced to Celtic roots meaning "woman" and "tribe/people"?). Of course, during the brief interval just now when I couldn't locate my copy of Hanks and Hodges to double-check my memory, I ended up checking my old paperback of Dunkling/Gosling instead, which does support the origin from "Guinevere", and through it (presumably) to the various Findabhair/Gwynhwyfar tangle of etymologies and Kewpie-heroines. Bah.

Of course, now that I've just imploded my intro, onward to snippiness about their listings of freshly dug-up twigs from the Black family tree. Read more... )
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Still have Martian Death Flu, now with exciting new ooginess. I shall spare everyone the details.

For some reason, the wombat-consort and I recently attempted to character-map Futurama and Firefly onto each other. It doesn't always go smoothly, what with numerical discrepancies between the main ship crews and, well, stuff, but here's what we came up with: If sensitive, avert your eyes and crank up the Enya. )

However, I'm pretty sure that no amount of shamelessness can map Hermes out to River. At least I hope so.

Meanwhile, came up with some odd thoughtlets after re-reading HP:HPB and pondering whether the "Half-Blood Prince" bit was a red-herring waste o' title after all. Possibly none of them are novel, since I haven't been plugged into the fandom, but hey, they're mine and they sprang from my brain cell boingy boingy and now lie in congealing tie-dyed stalagmites. Wait no, that last bit is just my piles of used handkerchiefs.Read more... )


Aug. 14th, 2005 09:59 am
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JK Rowling meets TS Eliot; parody ensues.


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