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Feh. LJ ate the back end off my cut'n'paste of chapter 2. This is going to get messy.

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Okay, I think I've figured out this lj-cut thing. Mostly. It's going to be a pain to reformat the line-spacing without them handy Word macros, but I'll probably just keep updating this entry chapter by chapter to keep everything sequential.

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I'm vaguely thinking about poking at "Arcadia" again. (For those of you unfamiliar with it, it's a bit of SW prequel fanfic I started a long, long time ago....) Every so often I feel guilty about blithely skipping away from her, but then I consider that I felt almost equally guilty about gearing up to start chapter 9 (esp. since the assorted draft bits were making it increasingly clear that it was not going to be the last chapter after all), and that I regarded it as some sort of Sign when fanfix.com (and my ficwriting laptop, for that matter) died shortly after I uploaded chapter 8.

In a way, I suppose I do share Jasper Fforde's view of fictional characters, wherein they possess an odd sort of immortality/limbo within the bounds of their narrative frame. If I turn my mind's eye in a certain direction, I can "see" her waiting for the fate to which she's resigned herself, not yet knowing about the headlong rush of Other Characters toward her or about the final duel which I wrote first, and is now older than some of the people I've been interacting with online.

Hell, I have Usenet posts older than some of the people I've been interacting with online. Maybe this is a Sign that I need to find a different set of interactions.

Does anyone have fic-archive suggestions of where to put "Arcadia"? I'm no longer in contact with most of the people who have her on their sites (assuming that they ever contacted me in the first place), my old homepage belongs to an ISP whose account we dropped about five years ago, and ff.n continues to suggest the alternate punctuation ff'n, and frankly I'm tempted to park her here within some LJ cuts if I can figure out how to keep her in chronological order. And pry her out of the Word files I managed to salvage, since I still haven't picked up a copy of Word for the replacement laptop.


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