Mar. 25th, 2013

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1. Decide to finally heed the "clean me" light on the range hood and remove washable filter screens for cleaning.

2. Promptly drop one filter behind the stove.

3. Attempt to fish out with extendable magnetic probe-- no result; can't even tell where the filter has ended up.

4. Attempt to probe behind stove with wooden dowel. Accidentally drop dowel as well.

5. Realize that the storage drawer beneath the oven can probably be pulled out for access. Successfully(!) pull out drawer without major trauma.

6. Observe filter and dowel companionably resting against wall behind stove. Also observe that the drawer gap is not large enough to tilt the filter out from the bottom for retrieval, and that the filter appears to have no ferromagnetic components. (The other one was already cycling through the dishwasher, which was why I didn't cross-check that earlier.) at this point, I guess I'll wait for the rest of the day until the wombat-consort gets home from work, and maybe then I can try to use kitchen tongs to lift up the bottom of the wooden dowel until he can grab it from the top of the stove again. (The stove is probably too heavy for him to move by himself, and I'm not terribly useful in appliance-moving assistance right now.) I guess if I were really clever, I could try fastening the bottom of the dowel to the filter-- maybe by reaching a piece of packing tape onto them with the tongs?-- so it would pull the filter up at the same time. However, I have probably considerably overextended my Cleverness Allowance already :b

well hey

Mar. 25th, 2013 05:42 pm
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The tape trick actually worked for retrieving both the dowel and the filter screen, although it took several attempts to get it right and I had to jam my entire shoulder right into the drawer gap to manually tape the dowel/screen together (tried placing the tape with kitchen tongs first, but the tape didn't want to release from the tongs).

Meanwhile, day one of Loud Noises Downstairs has begun as the reflooring project gets underway. The cats are freaked.


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