Jan. 17th, 2012

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1.) Evidently, "default" bags of sugar at the grocery store have shifted from 5 lbs to 4 lbs since the last time I went shopping for sugar. This isn't entirely surprising, considering that (frex) a few years ago, "half-gallon" tubs of ice cream gradually shrank from 8 cups to 7 and are now at 6, but this is the first time I've noticed it happening with a high-volume basic commodity. Will be eyeing milk and eggs next.

2.) Got a downloadable installment of "Art Academy" for the DSi yesterday and had loads of fun with it; now bidding on a complete version on eBay. My drawing skills (such as they are) stalled out and/or were abandoned years ago, and were self-taught anyway; most of my "technique" was limited to unshaded monochrome line drawings. But this seems to do a creditable job of walking you through simple shading with lead pencils and the basic concepts of layering opaque paints. Today I noodled around with replicating some of the lessons IRL with colored pencils and was reasonably happy with the results-- not blown away by any means, but at least feeling semi-competent. My one misgiving is that it relies a lot on using a grid tool rather than learning to sketch freehand, but OTOH I could just try ditching the grid tool. (I did leave the grid off for most of one lesson, until finally concluding toward the end that something Did Not Look Right and turning the grid tool back on to pinpoint the proportional error.)

3.) Still haven't quite finished "Scribblenauts", in that I'm continuing to crawl through the gold-star threepeats while trying to minimize thesaurus hits-- e.g., if the puzzle is solvable by flying up on a pegasus and shooting something with a rifle, find some completely different methods instead of just doing the same thing with "roc/shotgun" and "sphinx/crossbow".


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