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Finally getting into shelf-purging mindset, now that there's a definite deadline for clearing all of the furniture out of the ground level so the flooring can be redone. Now all we have to do is find an appropriate collection of boxes/bags for hauling stuff off to the secondhand bookstore for trade-in.

The main media collection on the first floor is our manga and graphic novels. I have a very vague worry that I'm getting over-purgey, but honestly there are multiple serieses that I haven't gone back and re-read for a long time and am unlikely to do so-- they went on for too long, one way or another, and I just don't care about them anymore.

"Ranma" and "Inuyasha" both fell into Takahashi episodic limbo, although I'm still hanging onto the first volumes out of nostalgia. With "Fruits Basket", I don't think I ever forgave the mangaka for trying to make me feel sorry for Akito despite the infliction of multiple permanent injuries. Similarly, I gave up on the "Evangelion" manga because of its interpretation of Kaworu. I just plain lost interest in "Genbu Kaiden".

I'm still hesitating about RK-- I'd like to hang onto the Japanese-language tankoubon set, since they wouldn't be as easy to replace if I changed my mind later, but the single-volume English tankoubon set will probably go, since they could be more compactly replaced with the VizBig triple-volume sets. Though honestly, I'm not sure whether I'm likely to re-read RK at this point-- "Shin Kyoto Hen" was so soul-destroyingly bad that it's had a retroactive burnout effect, like "Attack of the Clones".

There are some easier decisions-- the first several softcover volumes of "Usagi Yojimbo" have been superseded by a deluxe hardbound reprint; I just don't care about "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" n'more; I have nostalgic memories of having enjoyed "Bloom County" but can't remember when was the last time I read any of it etc.

And then there are the serieses which the wombat-consort initially acquired and which will have to be his call. I think he already okayed the disposal of "Love Hina". I'm not sure whether "Lady Snowblood" will need to be stored out of sight pending new residents, although I'd better remember to stash all of my naughty doujinshi in the garage. Or possibly just put the doujinshi on eBay, although that might require more organization than I can muster right now.


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