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I'll have to figure out how to set this up-- at first, I was thinking a table format with one column for each route, but I don't think that'll work by itself. I may need to combine color-coding as well. Bleah.

Color test--
Black: All routes/BBL
Ryouta: blue
Kazuaki: olive
Sakuya: steel blue
Nageki: green
Yuuya: dark orange
Shuu: maroon
San: goldenrod
Anghel: teal

Date Misc
April 8 1st day of 1st term
April 11 after-school activity choice: Student Council (Sakuya) Track (San) Library (Nageki) Infirmary (Yuuya/Shuu)
April 12 elective day (birdie melodies)
April 15 1st day of electives vice-president 1st day of infirmary duty
April 21 class hike (lunch-sharing)
May 6 elective day (music history) Sakuya snark
May 16 sports festival announced
May 21 sports festival takes place three-legged race brass band marathon library first aid
May 27 midterms
June 9 Brian Pigeon wins 7th Pulitzer
June 22 random visit Ryouta/San cafeteria fight store or infirmary
June 26 elective day (Oko sings solo)
July 7 Tanabata (walk home?)
July 11 elective day (percussio)
July 13 bad stomach; yell at doctor? Shuu/Yuuya confrontation
July 15 final exams random visit
July 20 last day of semester clean council room
July 22 first day of vacation running; Koshiba Azami
July 24 (summer job? Urushihara Kenzaburou)
July 25 first day at Torimi Cafe (give job to Ryouta?)
August 6 summer festival yakitori for Ryouta
August 30 school (go home) or (paper-grading) (library)
Sept. 1 New semester: end of 1st term. 2nd term begins; 2-2 student ID found. (missing since mid-June) (Nanaki, Iwamine, or Anghel)
Sept. 3 elective day (Ryouta/hichiriki)
Sept. 13 walk home w/ Ryouta?
Sept. 25 cultural festival maid up? butler cafe or incinerator
Oct. 19 window-shopping Coolene hands out fliers
Nov. 10 Ryouta's mom in hospital random visit
Dec. 24 Xmas gifts
Feb 14 cleaver

Date Misc/BBL Fantails Other doves Staff
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